Brown Sugar Soy Candle


A long-standing favorite and bestseller at our local venues, our brown sugar candle is just yummy. Blended with brown sugar, maple, and butter, it will make your house smell delightful!

Our hand poured all natural soy candles are only made with premium fragrance oil and all natural soy wax.

Some facts on natural soy wax:

* Burns clean - which means no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which makes them less likely to trigger allergies
* Grown by farmers in the USA
* Lasts 30% to 50% longer than paraffin candles because it has a cooler burn
* No dyes or coloring maintaining the natural creamy color of soy wax. 

Each candle is hand poured and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality in each candle. 

4oz containers:
Height: 1 3/4" (42mm)
Diameter: 2 9/16" (65mm)

6oz containers: 
Height: 1 11/16" (45mm)
Diameter: 2 13/16" (72mm)

*Other items in photos not included.